360 Campaign

Goal: to raise awareness of GEICO’s JD Power awards in the Northwest and North Central regions.

Message: “Best Customer Satisfaction” refers to the JD Power award and is used alongside an image of the gecko with the trophy. From looking at the ads, it is very clear that GEICO won the JD Power awards.

Audience: the target audience was a general audience located in the Northwest and North Central regions and the message was fairly complex. With that in mind, the ad was very straight-forward and did not have much room for audience customization.

Placement: since this was a major 360 campaign, the ads were tailored depending on each placement. The out-of-home placements feature a bright yellow background to stand-out from neutral outdoor environments and to match our other out-of-home initiatives. The rest of the ads feature a blue gradient which is meant to tie in with the brand colors. Additionally, the GFR ads feature an alternate section that shows their local GFR and their information.

Research: looking at past examples of out-of-home and print materials helped to guide these designs. Additionally, the gold accents were used to tie in the award and accentuate how important it is. It should be noted that JD Power was very specific in the dominance of the typography in this campaign.

Project Facts:

  • Lead Designer
  • Worked with Marketing management and JD Power
  • Deliverables: out-of-home, GFR print, general print, web banners, digital images, paid social images, Brandgility templates, interactive landing page, 270 billboards, 36MM internet display impressions, 6 magazine placements, and more.
  • Highlights: project management, design with strict guardrails, brand adherence
Year: 2020
Category: Auto Insurance